Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My New Camera // What Should I Name my Camera?

   GUYSSSSSS I GOT A CAMERA. yayyyyyyyy. I'm super excited because it's my first camera besides my iPod that I've used most of this time. It's a Nikon CoolPix L830 for any of ya'll who'd like to know lol idk. So yeah it is a beginner camera but it's perfect for me since it's my first kinda expensive camera. What I really like about it is, 

1. It zooms in reaaally far and it doesn't look blurry at all,

2. the flash is amazing (I'm not talking about the show The Flash although it is amazing XD),

 3. it takes really good photos of people. and nature ;) 

   So yeah, basically whenever my siblings are doing cool things I like to take photos of them. And of course I take pictures of flowers and butterflies cause that's my thing ya kno. I'm thinking since I love this new camera of mine so much and since it's my baby I should name it. Right?! haha so what do you think I should name it? 

   A long time ago I got a photography Instagram account and I'm really excited cause I guess you can say I kinda just learned how to get a lot of followers lol. hehe so yeah you should definitely check that out right here and follow me. thankssssss :P and if YOU have an Instagram tell me what your Instagram account is and I TOTALLY wanna follow you. uh huh yeah I do

so yeah I think that's it. hope you enjoyed my latest photos on my new camera and enjoyed me ranting to you about photography.

what should I name my camera?

do you have an Instagram account?

Thanks for reading!!

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P.S. ya'll everybody go to Hannah's blog cause she's an awesome kgiveaway!!

Monday, August 7, 2017

My Vacation Part 2 // We went to Florida for the first time ever

(yup those are dolphins)
Gymnasts don't leave footprints in the sand, they leave handprints. ahaha get it ;)

yayyyyy I'm back for part 2 of my vacation. I'm really excited because yeahhh all that other stuff I talked about last post was cool but this is the best part. The part where we FINALLY get to our destination.

Tuesday morning, we all slept in after getting home (aka the hotel) really late. Once we finally got out of the hotel and into the car we hit the road to the beach. We were of course BEYOUND excited right as we drove by the Gulf. AND IT WAS AMAZING. The waves we're really strong which made it SUPER fun for boogie boarding. Our past adventure to the ocean wasn't the most pleasant because it happened to be the only week jellyfish were swarming around everywhere stinging everyone, but we definitely received perfect redemption because the ocean was perfect (with no jellyfish stings). After that we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner. (haha so I felt kinda bad eating Chick-fil-a when we could go out for seafood but it was national cow day so cmon. We had too)

Wednesday, we went bike riding. Since I got to plan all the cool events we'd do while we were there I got to select some of my top choices for what I thought would be some cool things to do. It's kinda my thing to bike ride, so I thought I would make a reservation so we could bike around the beach. It was sooooo pretty. And hot. BUT I LOVE BIKE RIDING. I can endure the heat for a good nice workout while enjoying the scenery. I got to admit at the end it was a little hard because it was suppperrrrr hot and I thought dad said the bike trail was only 2 miles and it seemed like way more miles than that, but we survived. There was a bay where an alligator was living so we stayed around for a  while looking around for it. We saw some movements in the water which we think was the alligator but we weren't completely sure. It was hard to tell but I think it was it. (I'm just gonna say it was an alligator ;P) After finally getting done and feeling sweaty and sticky we went to the beach. YAYYYYY and man did it feel reaaaallllyyy good after sweating so much. After going to the beach we showered, (thank God we were all so tired and wanted to get out of our swimsuits) got into some comfy clothes, rested a little, went and got some delicious pizza, and then went souvenir shopping. It was fun trying to find the perfect souvenir shirt to buy ;) It was surely I long day, but super fun ;)

Thursday, we woke up early to drive to Destin, Florida. I know this is totally weird to probably all ya'll...but it was the first time we had been to Florida. (jsyk I won Never Have I Ever SOOOO many times because I always got them on "I've never been to Florida.") The main event that we planned for Destin was so go snorkeling. THAT WAS SOOOO FUN. Our tour guides we're super entertaining. Before going snorkeling they took us around the water showing us cool things like DOLPHINS that were RIGHT by our boat. It was super cool and I took some cool photos too^ Then, we anchored our boat and we were free to snorkel for an hour. It was super refreshing to swim because 1. the fins were super fun to swim with, 2. because we could BREATHE UNDERWATER yayyyyyy, and 3. because we saw all kinds of cool fish. It was amazing!! After snorkeling for fish we took another stop by a beach with tons of shells. We found loads shells that were all unique and SOOOO beautiful. We still have our hundreds of shells just kinda sitting around our house so if there is any cool DIY you know of it'd be awesome if you could share to us ;) When you're looking for shells you have to look REALLY closely to make sure there is not a crab in it. (We accidently took some crabs with us... oops) We also had a crab race in out boat which was really funny. My crab was pretty fast #soproud After snorkeling we headed back to our car for a 2 hour drive back home to our hotel.

Friday, we slept in a little late after getting to our hotel so late, but once again we headed to the beach. It was (sadly) our last day there at the Gulf. It was definitely bittersweet to leave but we had a blast playing in the ocean. I miss it soo much :( but we'll come back soon. After we left the beach we went out for seafood. We had a veryyyy long car ride that night but finally we got to our hotel at 2 and crashed.

Saturday, basically drove all day and then got home!! yayyyyy!

So there ya go! A little detailed post about our trip to the beach. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. :D

Thanks for reading!!
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July Highlights // My Vacation and Other Cool Stuff ;)

Heyyy August. I'm not superrrrr excited for you because school is starting and the weather is very hot and humid in August but I'm excited for a new month ;)

  I feel like July went by really slowly. Like was the fourth of July really only 4 weeks ago? And did I really get back from my vacation two weeks ago? Whattttt? July was reaaaaallly fun though. There was a lot of exciting things that happened so you should read on to find out what they are ;)

July Highlights

I hosted a waffle party at my house - haha so yeah I invited my friends over for blueberry waffles. They were delicious. (Sad to say I think ever since then I haven't made waffles since haha.) uhhh but they were so good with whip cream on top. *im drooling right now. aren't you?*

Fourth of July was the bomb. (ahahaha that's a pun I'm laughing so hard rn) The fireworks were pretty awesome but being there with my friends and family was better ;) We played a game of football before the firework show and it was really fun. Usually no one ever guards me (which idk why because I'm a good player and I can catch a ball real good and even after I show to them that I'm a threat, people still don't block me. weird right? or am I just weird. idk.  it's really fun when always get the ball and scores runs for the team ;)

I made really good soda popsicles hehe my dad got them for me since he knows I like popsicles so much. (Thanks Dad!) I also made yogurt flavored ones too and they were sooooo good. Mmmm I'm craving them now.

WE WENT TO THE BEACH - won't really go into big detail about it because I'm writing a post about it in full detail (and it's gonna be THE BOMB post jsyk. check it out when I post it ;P) but let me just say IT WAS AWESOME. and right now just thinking about it makes me want to go back in the salty blue ocean water and be pulled into the mighty waves that beat on me. *add some dramatic music to that sentence* anywho, stay tuned. we'll talk more about this later ;)

we made bracelets for our friends who will be going to Guatemala on a mission trip. They're going to give our bracelets to little kids. It's awesome to know that even though we can't go there we can still help a little :)

bubble tea - I drank bubble tea two times in one week like uhhhh... so awesome.

reunited with our friends after vacation - we hung out at the library while Sarah and her friend volunteered. we drank bubble tea (for the 2nd time that week haha) and took artistic photos with our plato creations. (haha and we had a white piece of paper that we set up for our backround.) #aestheticnessatitsbest

VBS - ahhhhhh this was so fun. I helped with the 1st and 2nd graders with one of my friends and it was soooo fun. The first day, we basically followed around the kids and didn't really do anything but after a couple days we were busy helping the kids. It was super fun. Especially the music. haha I'm just going to add the links to these awesome songs (check em out. they're the best) One of the funnest songs to dance too and one of my favorite songs ever, Say Yes to VBS. Another really cool song, Sin Messed Everything Up. And Over the Moon another favorite ;)

Our family set up a surprise party for our Grandma and it was soooo sweet. She was sooo surprised. It was very enjoyable getting to take a little trip up the visit our family. I played around with my little cousins a lot. They're the best ;P

The Bomb Stuff

we went to our friends house and got some vegetables from their garden and there were LOADS of tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, egg plant, and blackberries too!! they were sooo good.

I changed my bedside billboard pictures (finally) and I'm so happy with how they look now. eeek!

I just got two new sweaters and I can't describe how much I'm excited for winter. AHHH I WANT TO WEAR SWEATERS AND JEANS SOOO BAD. *I know I'm weird*

AHHH so the flowers are finally up and butterflies are coming. I can't describe how beautiful it is. I'm so overwhelmed every time I see it. I thank God about a million times for making flowers. (Don't you too?) and btw, I just made a new hashtag on my Instagram photography account #elliesflowerspam haha I love it.

we drove around my dad's hometown where he grew up and it was so enjoyable. it was very fun to drive around and hear him tell me stories about when he was young.

I'm obsessed with Running Home to You by Grant Gustin and I can play it on the guitar and it sounds THE BOMB. it's the best love song I've ever heard (which is saying a lot because I don't really like any kind of love songs.)

We're obsessed with The Flash right now. Does anybody else love that show? *looking out for any fan out there to talk too* btw, that picture up there^ of me that's all blurry hehe doesn't it look like the flash? haha


paint the cabinet in the kitchen

make my last weeks of summer really fun and awesome

sleep outside

stay off technology so much

Thanks for reading guys!!

Comment below what you did this month cause I'd love to hear from ya'll ;)

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